Nature to live

Visit the Olive grove, the mixed Orchard, the synergistic Garden, and get to know our Court Animals

Visit the Oliveto, the mixed Orchard and the Garden

The Agriturismo Vulcano, is surrounded by 60 ha. most of which is designated to olive growing. Our land is cultivated with organic methods, in total respect of the environment and without the use of any pesticide or herbicide. During your stay at our agriturism, you can walk among the trees, read a book in the shade of an olive tree, listen to the song of birds, perceive the scent of flowers, collect seasonal fruit and eat it along an avenue of myrtle.

Get rid of stress and live

You can get away from city stress and, in contact with nature, abandon the pressing and suffocating rhythms of everyday life to re-establish a real connection with the most authentic frequencies of existence.

Court animals

in our farm you can closely observe the typical species that, for centuries, have been sharing country life with humans, such as rabbits, chickens, geese and turkeys. In our deepest being we are inextricably linked to the rhythms of Nature. Learning to observe these cute animals, discover their rhythms and their habits, is a way to regenerate mind and body. This is an unmissable opportunity also for children, who will surely appreciate the company of our animals, learning Nature while having fun during a holiday that is both educational and joyful.

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to eat well and switch off for a few days. Congratulations to the VULCANO family and thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to be back soon!"
Valentina C

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