The oil farm of the Vulcano Family

60 hectars
45 he olives trees 15 he of arable land 1 he of fruit cultivation

The family business designed for the family

Alongs the Ionian coast, of Mito Crosia, in an area that since ancient times, has been cultivated with olive trees, Mr. Luigi Vulcano, son of olive grower, in the 1970 bought a piece of land. The company grows year after year. The family Vulcano bring forward the values ​​of a noble agricultural tradition. With love and passion matched the ehtical values ​​with the most modern techniques.

BIO olive cultivation and fruit growing

The company lies in a 60 hectars of land. Of these, 45 are destined for growing olive trees. the trees are growing synergistically, supporting each other, defending and feeding themselves. Thanks to the biological oil, the company enters into premium market. Becouse the company doesn't use chemical agents, everything is recycled: nothing is thrown away

Values ​​and philosophy

Our company values ​​are: awareness and respect for nature and human and environmental healthiness. This is why we grow our products using organic methods with low environmental impact. Everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth: this is how Nature gives us better, healthier products that bring great benefit to our health without damaging the environment.

The history of the family oil mill

Since the early ages, Luigi Vulcano nourished a strong attachment to the Earth, which was handed down to him by his father, a small oviculturist. Thanks to his spirit full of initiative, Luigi Vulcano bought soon a pice of land, which was able to transform into an efficient and modern agricultural company, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and inaugurates its own oil production starting from the 1980s, when realizes the first oil mill. Although organic farming is a notoriously demanding field, the company has remained completely organic, without ever betraying its own approach, enhancing the fertility of the land and its biodiversity. Safeguarding the natural fertility of the soil is therefore one of the objectives of the Company, which aims to obtain natural products without any use of pesticides, to avoid any form of pollution caused by invasive agricultural techniques and to produce foods with high nutritional qualities.

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to eat well and switch off for a few days. Congratulations to the VULCANO family and thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to be back soon!"
Valentina C

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