the Oliveto, the mixed and synergistic Orchard

The nature to live

Olive-grow (42 ha): in our olive-grow live as many as 10,000 plants among old trees and new plants. The olive varieties are the typical Calabrian ones: Carolea, Tondina and Dolce di Rossano. 
Arable land (15 ha): is cultivated with wheat, just as an organic farming requires. In order to give time to the soil to regenerate itself, in this area we use a three-year shifts. Vegetable garden (0,3 ha): according to the season different types of vegetables are sown, cultivated and finally harvested.

la sinergia tra le piante

Citrus grove: (0,4 ha): fragrant and colorful, typically Mediterranean , the Citrus grove hosts a variety of Calabrian citrus fruits, clementines and lime. The synergistic Orchard: recently created, the Synergic Orchard is the result of the company philosophy wihch refuses the use of fertilizers, of any type, and instead is based on the principle of "synergy" between the different tree species, such as for example apple trees, pear, cherry, peach, plum and apricot. 
The mixed Orchard: areas with mixed crops, in which guests can encounter plants of different species, scattered among the olive groves, such as persimmons, figs, pomegranates, almonds, walnut and feijoa.

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to eat well and switch off for a few days. Congratulations to the VULCANO family and thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to be back soon!"
Valentina C

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